Paperless Policy

Paperless Policy


1. Scope & Purpose of Policy Statement


This Policy statement applies to all staff within the Jeesal Group


2. Statement


The Jeesal Group is committed to its mission to continuously innovate and improve processes and systems in order to improve outcomes for the people we support, work in a safe and secure manner and to ensure we play our part when it comes to the sustainability of the Environment. Our vision is to further innovate new systems which would improve service delivery and integrate the best technologies with human expertise.


We save resources and energy by avoiding printing and the associated postage overheads, we ask all suppliers and others who deal with us to interact with us in this manner where possible.


As well as environmental benefits, being paperless helps us keep streamline our organisation. Our turnaround time when communicating and supporting people involved in the service is very low as we have no paper overheads.


We don't use fax machines and avoid the usage of photocopiers. On the rare occasions where letters do need to be sent to us, once processed, any paper is securely destroyed or carefully recycled.